The link between hearing & your golf game

Golfer with Hearing Aids

The game of golf is filled with hazards and frustration. Bodies of water, luring bunkers and sand traps, and inordinately dense vegetation can all wreak havoc on your game. There is another crucial, yet often ignored factor that can affect your final score: your hearing! As far-fetched as this connection may seem, studies do in fact show that individuals with strong binaural hearing (the ability to perceive sound with both ears) tend to play better golf than those with untreated hearing loss.

So what role does hearing play in golf? By paying close attention to the sound made when the club head comes into contact with the ball, golfers can control their shots better, in terms of distance and accuracy. This is especially true when taking chip shots or putting; in these situations, where power is less a factor than finesse. Hearing the tone produced by the club striking the ball helps you assess how well the ball was hit, and allow him or her to make any necessary adjustments for the next swing. Changes in tone and volume indicate a different swing of the club; by paying close attention to both the feel of the club making contact with the ball, and the sound produced, golfers will naturally improve the quality of their play.

Golf legend Arnold Palmer lends credence to the idea that good hearing is crucial to accuracy. Palmer was diagnosed with hearing loss in his 40s, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He credits hearing aids with improving his hearing ability and golf game. “When I walked out on the golf course the first day I had a hearing aid,” he says, “I heard things I hadn’t heard on the golf course, like the click of hitting a putt or hitting a golf ball, or the air going through the club when I was swinging it. It made a tremendous difference. “

Hearing aids can improve your golf game.

Indeed, good hearing allows you to better enjoy the activities in which you compete, and will naturally make you feel more engaged with your golf game. You’ll enjoy increased confidence, and will have more control over your swing – and ultimately, your final score.

Furthermore, today’s technology rids us of the complaints that plagued hearing aids of the past. The most obvious example is wind noise, which older hearing technology did not adequately address, often amplifying it to the point where golfers simply removed their hearing aids due to the annoyance. New hearing technology takes advantage of wind noise reduction, and suppresses the sound of wind to the point where you can enjoy activities outdoors without the unnecessary distraction.

Regular hearing evaluations by a qualified audiologist are a good idea for avid golfers. Hearing loss is both progressive and cumulative, and often develops so gradually you are unaware of a problem until it has progressed to an advanced stage.

The earlier hearing loss is detected, the more options you have for treatment and the better your odds for success, whether you want to hear your family members better or simply improve your golf game! Call to schedule your complimentary hearing consultation at (479)957-9300 and begin the process to improve your quality of life. Wolfpack Hearing Clinic is located Kantz Center in Fayetteville; intersection of Crossover and Mission.

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