Where did you come up with the name, Wolfpack?

“Where did you come up with the name?”

We get this question a lot! It did not take us long to decide the name, and I’m not sure I expected the amount of attention its received. We wanted a name that reflected what we do and how we do it. We know a wolf hears very well; from up to 10 miles away in fact. A pack of wolves shows extreme loyalty and devotion toward each other; and never advance until each member of the pack is taken care of.

We treat hearing loss. We accomplish that through a team-based approach, making sure that our work is competent and efficient, and by focusing treatment recommendations on each individual’s specific hearing goals. We follow that up by doing what is necessary to keep the patient hearing their best long-term, whether that involves seeing a working patient on a weekend or traveling to a homebound patient’s home in Huntsville to troubleshoot his hearing aids.

Before making the decision to launch Wolfpack Hearing Clinic, we made ourselves a promise that our patients would always know that their interests matter most. We promised that from day one to years down the road, our patients would know that they had a team (or pack) to rely on. I hope our name reflects that.


It is recommended that you have your hearing checked annually. Wolfpack Hearing Clinic is currently accepting new patients. Call to book your complimentary hearing consultation, (479) 957-9300.



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