3 common myths about hearing aids

  • Hearing aids restore hearing to “normal”.

Hearing aids do not restore hearing to “normal.” Hearing aids do not “cure” your hearing loss. They will provide significant improvement in your ability to communicate with loved ones IF the hearing aids are appropriate for your specific listening needs, worn consistently, and are properly maintained over time. It cannot be over-stated how important these requirements are.


Many of my new patients are surprised when I describe to them the amount of work we put into ensuring success with hearing aids. By the time we complete the fitting and initial batch of follow-up appointments, they understand expectations, the immeasurable value of better hearing, and why we as staff work as hard as we do.


  • My hearing aids are too old to be adjusted.

This is not true, plain and simple. Hearing aid manufacturers release software to us, the audiologists, that allows us to program and adjust hearing devices. While operating systems like Windows change, the manufacturers make ‘patches’ available, ensuring that the older versions of their software still work.


In layman’s terms, there is never a point in time when your hearing aids suddenly become obsolete (like your cell phone) or too old to be adjusted. It’s true that hearing aid technology has improved immensely and will continue to do so at a rapid pace. That doesn’t mean you have no choice but to purchase new devices. Other than new patients who brought us proprietary labeled hearing aids, I have yet to come across a device that could not be adjusted and I don’t foresee that ever changing.


  • Hearing aids are big, cumbersome, and unsightly.

I am always careful how I answer this question. Before launching Wolfpack, we made a conscious decision to avoid ‘promoting’ the invisibility of today’s hearing aids for the sole reason that anyone looking to improve and be the best versions of themselves should feel celebrated and encouraged, not embarrassed. Anybody who willingly wears hearing aids falls into this category.


Having said that, I concede that hearing aids have not quite reached the level of acceptance that we currently see with eyeglasses or braces. Furthermore, many individuals are simply concerned that large, bulky hearing aids would be a nuisance and impractical to wear every day. With today’s hearing aids, this is a problem of the past. They are small, light, and convenient. And yes, we fit invisible hearing aids with tremendous success.

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