There and Back Again: A Hearing Clinic Tale

I have spent countless hours in hearing clinics from the time I was a child. Whether playing with the toys in the office, patiently scrolling social media in the waiting room, or my annual hearing exam, I was happy to be there. Amusingly, I remember most of my time there was spent not hearing.

Let me clarify: this was due to the aids being serviced or reprogrammed. Much like a dentist will ask you questions while your mouth is wide open, I remember my audiologists would do this when hearing aids are not in my ears. Once I started working in an audiology clinic, I quickly realized just how easy that is to do by making the same mistake! So if we see you in the clinic, we sincerely apologize in advance for doing that.

What is it that I enjoy about all those hours spent in the hearing clinic? As an audiology assistant, I enjoy connecting with patients that have such similar struggles that I have had in growing up. Not only do I enjoy being able to empathize, but to know with confidence what is needed to solve each problem. I would have to say that my favorite part about working with patients is sharing how to work with assistive listening devices (ALD). Some of this comes from the fact that I wear hearing aids that pair directly to my phone. I am such a huge fan of the connectivity and ability to adjust my devices on a whim. It is rewarding to see so many other using it now, too. The shift from patient to professional is a different experience, and I have enjoyed it every step of the way. So from one individual with hearing loss to another, I hope to meet you soon!

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