5 MORE things only those with hearing aids will understand

iPhone Hearing Aids

1. Itchy ears? Better go deaf temporarily.

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It’s necessary to take out the entire aid in order to scratch the itch effectively. So if you’re itchy during a lecture, might be best to have a recorder handy. Otherwise, you’ll be itching to get out of class!

*Come by the office for some Pro-Ear samples!


2. A dying battery in mid-conversation.

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Most hearing aids alert the wearer that the battery is running low on juice by a series of beeps or a melody. This can happen at any time, and for me, that coincidentally happens during important conversatiosn. I once had a pair that played two tones, and then a voice said “battery.” The voice could be in any accent I wanted, and I chose a female British voice. Once a week it was like J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, was announcing it was time to change batteries. If only there was a spell that replaced batteries… “Rechargerio!”


3. Volume control bliss.

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If the concert or movie is too loud, we have the fortune of simply turning down our volume, without affecting the audience around us.


4. “You’ve got something in your ears.”

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I mainly hear this from kiddos, ever curious as they are. I tell them the truth, though sometimes I like to joke that I’m a secret agent of the FBI, and it’s my earpiece. We then pretend that we’re on a mission to catch thieves of an expensive art piece from the local museum.


5. New hearing aids feel.

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It’s like new car smell, but… sound. Sound is processed differently than the previous aids were, so the world sounds shiny and new. There might even be some sounds that were not amplified before, and they are now! This is assuming the audiologist did what they were supposed to. We’re biased, but Dr. Richards is pretty legit at what he does 😉.

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